Self-adhesive label sticker production process

1. First, the sales department staff receives the customer's order form and hands it to the production department.
2. According to the files provided by the customers, the production department can know the required sticker size, printing color, material type and other important information (of course, some customer drawings do not have this information, and we need to confirm it with the customer). Then open the production order to the purchasing department and the file to the design department.
3. The personnel of the purchasing department purchase raw materials and auxiliary materials with the materials required on the production order. At the same time, the designers use the files provided by the guests for processing, typesetting, and film production.
4. The film needs to be checked when it comes back, and it can be printed if there is no problem.
5. After all the raw materials, auxiliary materials and plates are prepared, the machine will be produced and die-cut.
6. After die-cutting, the quality department inspects the produced self-adhesive labels according to customer requirements.
7. Packers pack the good products after inspection.
8. When issuing a delivery note, cash customers need to issue a receipt for payment at the same time. If tax is included, an invoice must be issued and brought to the customer when shipping.
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